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Brand Identity

The client was planning on opening an artisan coffee shop in Southern England. They were huge lovers of coffee and were passionate about roasting/brewing coffee. They had been employed as a coffee Barista for many years and were now looking to open their own coffee shop. They wanted the shop to become a social hub in the area, with customers using the venue to meet friends and socialise. The client believed that the local area was missing this sort of venue and if done correctly, it could help the business to stand out from the competition

Coffee brand design

The client required from Branding specialist an online presence, so an appropriate domain name was needed and a mobile app was required which would be heavily advertised instore. A logo needed creating which would be used across all branding, as well as a consistent colours palette.
The coffee shop needed a full
shop front design and all the relevant research needed completing to ensure it complied with all legal requirements.
Physical products which needed designing and which were to carry the business branding were
package design including cups, cups holders, bags and cutlery,  art work, business cards and loyalty cards.

Project name:

The Split Bean

December, 2021



Branding, Design, 

Logo development stage

Logo design

Logo drawing
Logo coffee brand
colours selected copy 2.png


Coffee take away

Cups, and cup holder design

Shop front

Cafe place


Business cards

Coffee cup with logo

Art work

Artwork for cafe shop

Mobile App

App for Cafe shop
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