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What VA do?

I can provide professional marketing, technical, or creative assistance to clients, covering all those undesirable tasks which take up your precious time or those tasks which you don’t have the time to complete.


What are the services I am offering
to build a perfect package that covers all your needs:


● Creating graphics for websites and social media

● eBooks covers

● Creating logos and banners

● Web design graphics

● Gathering stock images for promotional materials

● Design business cards, flyers, brochures, menus

● Product labels

● Personalised Graphics

● Facebook Banners, Instagram Highlights


● Creating Websites in WORDPRESS, WIX, SQUARE, SHOPIFY

● Website backup and security

● Editing and uploading videos

● Installing and updating plugins on WordPress sites

● Setting up shopping carts

● Updating websites

● Google Analytics, social media analytics

●Starting new Facebook page

●Starting Instagram page

● Forum and Facebook group monitoring


● Creating and scheduling social media content

● Managing social media accounts

● Creating social media content from existing content like videos, articles, and


● Creating Pins for Pinterest

● Pinterest strategy and management

● Creating and managing ads on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

● Creating sales pages

● SEO and keyword research for listings

Why hire me?

I believe it is not easy to do everything yourself, from creating a product, managing your business's social media presence, creating marketing / engagement posts, looking after a website, making adverts and listings to sell and everything in between.

That’s why a lot of business owners end up running a business instead of doing what they love – making a product, it can be too exhausting for them and stop being enjoyable.

So, why not outsource the admin side on to someone else and just focus on creating the dream products instead?

Who I Am?

I am a very creative professional, organized and I have a very caring nature. From a very early age I always enjoyed beauty and art, from drawing a pictures to re-decorating my room every 2 months, but I’m also very TECHY I love everything to do with computes and learning new software - becoming a Graphic Designer was on my mind for years and when I eventually decided to do it 5 years ago felt really natural to me and a perfect fit. I love learning new skills and have progressed on to creating Websites and mobile applications. 

I decided it was time to start my Virtual Assistance journey, as all the skills and knowledge I have acquired can be used to help businesses to run smoothly.

What Software do I use?

Adobe Creative Suite:




In Design


Premiere Pro





Square space



Invoice Ocean

...and many more depends of needs.

Examples of Packages I can offer:

Social Media Manager


● Sharing blog posts, services/products

● Curating content to share

● Scheduling Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

● Pinterest Management

● Setting up social media accounts FB, Instagram, Pinterest

● Managing Facebook groups

● Creating graphics for posts

● Running ads on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

● Social media strategy

● Analytics

Creative Genius


● Creating blog post graphics

● Creating Pinterest pins

● Creating Facebook and Instagram graphics

● Creating website graphics

● Designing eBook cover

● Logo

● Banner for FB

● Highlights or Instagram buttons

● Choosing right stock photos

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